Mischief Managed.

Everyone wants to register for Pottermore before August 7th; that's where we come in. You want the answers? Here you can get them. Follow at your own risk - we don't censor the amount of information we put in every post.

So sorry magical folk, we’ve been MIA lately and the only excuse that we have is that Pottermore has taken over our lives. We are still answering any questions you may have, but here are the most FAQ’s

Where is the School List???
It’s in the middle of the road once you arrive at Diagon Alley.
Just zoom in, and look hard. It’s there, we promise!

What are the questions the Sorting Hat asks?
 It’s a bit different for everyone.
The best advice we can give is to answer honestly, if you try to chose answers based on what house you think that answer belongs to, you will almost certainly not be put in the house that you hope for.  

How do we earn money?
You are given money when you open your account at Gringotts, and there is money hidden throughout Hogwarts.

Wand Questions

For those of you who are asking how they choose your wand:

I have not yet received my Pottermore beta email yet, but I have heard that they give you a wand based on your height, your eye color, questions like that. 

Have fun Pottermore-ing!

Sorting Hat

To all of those who have not yet received their email to access Pottermore beta:

According to my research, the questions for the sorting hat are different for everyone, in order to try and stop people from cheating their way into the house they want. There are 200 questions in total that J.K. Rowling has written herself, but they randomly select seven (7) for you to answer.

Good luck! I hope you guys get into the house you want, and you receive your emails in the very near future! We will continue to keep you posted.

Number of students in Hogwarts/when letters were sent out

19.378 students in Hogwarts (4 pm Aug 19th)

06 am GMT = 17,721 students

08 am GMT = 18,040

09 am GMT = 18,201

10 am GMT = 18,313

11 am GMT = 18,413

12 am GMT = 18,486

01 pm GMT = 18,583

02 pm GMT = 18,861

03 pm GMT = 19,154

04 pm GMT = 19,378

Welcome Letter Arrivals

From the 15th of August to the 30th of September, this is a seven week time frame. If you do the math, then you will know that it is assumed that about 142,000 people will be welcomed to Pottermore each week, which is approximately 21,000 people each day. 

We’ve heard a rumor that they will be send out all the first day emails out over the course of this week. Though it could be wrong, since no one knows exactly what’s going on. As of right now, it seems like they are sending out the letters at random. 

We know it might not seem fair that people who signed up later are getting there Welcome Letters before the people who signed up the first day, but we will all eventually get in.

As soon as I get my Welcome Letter, I will be happy to post it!

To those who have not yet received their emails, we hope you get yours soon!

Good luck, all! 

For those who have asked-

I (Manduhkate.tumblr.com) am a Ravenclaw.
My Pottermore name is UnicornHeart207
You should definitely feel free to add me.  

Magical Folk-

For those of you asking, there are 3 of us running this blog. 
This is manduhkate.tumblr.com posting, 
I have received my e-mail, I’ve been sorted, and I have gotten my wand.
I registered Day 1, but we’ve been hearing that people are getting their e-mails that registered after that. 
If you guys have questions, feel free to ask.
I will answer to the best of my ability.  

Welcome Letter

Has anyone Accio’d their welcome letter successfully? We’re still waiting for ours! We will update you as soon as possible for news! Don’t worry if you haven’t received it yet! It does NOT mean that you are a Muggle! After all, good things come to those who wait. See you at Hogwarts!


Magical Folk are now receiving their welcome e-mails. 
 Keep a look out you guys, it has officially begun! 


Hello fellow witches and wizards!!!

Does anyone know what today is? Let me give you a hint: It’s officially mid-August…

So yes, that means that Pottermore should be sending out emails very, very, very soon! 

We will keep you updated when the “sign in” button pops back on pottermore.com, and when the first batch of emails come!

Good day/good night!